The nucleic acid data:
IRESite Id: 587 Version: 0
Originaly submitted by: Martin Mokrejš Submission date: 2009-04-14 16:55:19
Reviewed by: Martin Mokrejš
IRESite record type:
The name of the plasmid:
Description of the plasmid (facultative for promoter-less plasmid records):
pGem-F plasmid contains Firefly luciferase ORF under the T7 promoter. The plasmids lacks T7 promoter transcription termination signal Tphi and eukaryotic transcription termination signals as well.
The in vivo produced transcripts are heterogeneous (due to any of promoter?/splicing?/cleavage?/breakage?):
  not tested
The in vivo produced heterogeneous transcripts occur due to alternative splicing:
  not tested
A promoter reported in cDNA corresponding to IRES sequence:
  not tested
The DNA sequence of the plasmid in (+) orientation annotated by its secondary structure:

GenBank formatted file with annotated plasmid sequence hyperlinked from vector image map:
The total number of notable open-reading frames (ORFs):
Notable Open-Reading Frames (ORFs; protein coding regions) in the mRNA/+RNA sequence:
ORF position:   1
Version: 0
Originaly submitted by: Martin Mokrejš Reviewed by: Martin Mokrejš
The abbreviated name of this ORF/gene:
The description of the protein encoded in this ORF:
Firefly luciferase
The translational frameshift (ribosome slippage) involved:
The ribosome read-through involved:
The alternative forms of this protein occur by the alternative initiation of translation:
  not tested
The ORF absolute position (the base range includes START and STOP codons or their equivalents):
Petz M., Kozina D., Huber H., Siwiec T., Seipelt J., Sommergruber W., Mikulits W. (2007) The leader region of Laminin B1 mRNA confers cap-independent translation. Nucleic Acids Res. 35(8):2473-2482
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