Currently, the IRESite database contains growing set of records presenting in a great detail experimental finding on IRESs. In some respects it is still a rather limited set of records manually extracted from randomly selected publications by members of our team. We are continuously assembling the already published data about known IRESs into IRESite records. Unfortunately, this manual work is quite slow. To speedup the effort we have emailed some randomly selected scientists who published in the field of IRES but unfortunately not everybody has answered or can provide sequence data. Some of them answered and provided primary sequence data with annotation of sequences, often also additional data incl. corrections to the original publication. Nevertheless, we need time to verify that the data we have received actually match the descriptions in the original publication and assemble exact annotation of the sequences, experimental findings and methods utilized. All of that has to happen in the context of current knowledge. Among others this means a lot of time we invest into verification of mRNA sequences before taking them over from GenBank. As a result, only 26% of natural_transcript record sequences offered by IRESite could be actually found in GenBank. The remaining sequences of the natural_transcript records are results of our own work aiming to reconstruct sequences which were actually studied in the experiments. In the case of plasmid records almost none could be found in GenBank or any known repository.

Unless you join in and provide you annotated sequences the whole effort to process over 420 publications where IRESs have been reported will take a full-time job of 3 annotators for at least 3-4 years (which we do NOT have).

Please, join our effort and submit your own published results. Thank you! ;-)

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