The nucleic acid data:
IRESite Id: 370 Version: 2
Originaly submitted by: Václav Vopálenský
Reviewed by: Martin Mokrejš Last change: 2009-09-13 21:50:58
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The name of the plasmid:
Description of the plasmid (facultative for promoter-less plasmid records):
Promoter-less variant of pEGFP-N1 (Clontech; #U55762) vector was prepared by excising the VspI/NheI fragment containing the CMV IE promoter, filling-in the recessed 3'-termini by Klenow fragment of the DNA polymerase I and by subsequent re-ligation of blunt ended vector.
The in vivo produced transcripts are heterogeneous (due to any of promoter?/splicing?/cleavage?/breakage?):
  not tested
The in vivo produced heterogeneous transcripts occur due to alternative splicing:
  not tested
A promoter reported in cDNA corresponding to IRES sequence:
  not tested
The DNA sequence of the plasmid in (+) orientation annotated by its secondary structure:

GenBank formatted file with annotated plasmid sequence hyperlinked from vector image map:
Plasmid sequence verified (partially/completely) by IRESite (more details in Remarks):
  plasmid sequence confirmed by IRESite curators by restriction analysis
The total number of notable open-reading frames (ORFs):
Notable Open-Reading Frames (ORFs; protein coding regions) in the mRNA/+RNA sequence:
ORF position:   1
Version: 0
Originaly submitted by: Václav Vopálenský Reviewed by: Martin Mokrejš
The abbreviated name of this ORF/gene:
The description of the protein encoded in this ORF:
red-shifted variant of wild-type GFP optimized for brighter fluorescence and higher expression in mammalian cells (Clontech)
The translational frameshift (ribosome slippage) involved:
The ribosome read-through involved:
The alternative forms of this protein occur by the alternative initiation of translation:
  not tested
The ORF absolute position (the base range includes START and STOP codons or their equivalents):
The plasmid was used as the negative control for experiments in article Firefly luciferase gene contains a
cryptic promoter (Vopalensky et al., 2008).
Vopalensky V., Masek T., Horvath O., Vicenova B., Mokrejs M., Pospisek M. (2008) Firefly luciferase gene contains a cryptic promoter. RNA. 14(9):1720-1729
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