The nucleic acid data:
IRESite Id: 582 Version: 2
Originaly submitted by: Martin Mokrejš Submission date: 2009-04-10 22:57:57
Reviewed by: Martin Mokrejš Last change: 2009-04-15 13:36:06
IRESite record type:
The shape of the nucleic acid molecule translated:
The quality of the mRNA/+RNA sequence:
The mRNA/+RNA description: 
Incomplete T3 promoter driven monocistronic transcript of pIRES-lacZ plasmid preceded by EMCV-R IRES.
The mRNA/+RNA sequence represented in the +DNA notation:

Credibility of mRNA sequence:
The name of the plasmid:
The name of the promoter used to express this mRNA:
The in vivo produced transcripts are heterogeneous (due to any of promoter?/splicing?/cleavage?/breakage?):
  not tested
The in vivo produced heterogeneous transcripts occur due to alternative splicing:
  not tested
A promoter reported in cDNA corresponding to IRES sequence:
  not tested
The abbreviated name of the donor gene or virus from which this IRES was excised and inserted into the plasmid:
The origin of IRES in the plasmid:
The donor organism of the IRES segment:
Encephalomyocarditis virus Rueckert
The DNA sequence of the plasmid in (+) orientation annotated by its secondary structure:

GenBank formatted file with annotated plasmid sequence hyperlinked from vector image map:
The total number of notable open-reading frames (ORFs):
Notable Open-Reading Frames (ORFs; protein coding regions) in the mRNA/+RNA sequence:
ORF position:   1
Version: 0
Originaly submitted by: Martin Mokrejš Reviewed by: Martin Mokrejš
The abbreviated name of this ORF/gene:
The description of the protein encoded in this ORF:
beta lactamase
The translational frameshift (ribosome slippage) involved:
The ribosome read-through involved:
The alternative forms of this protein occur by the alternative initiation of translation:
  not tested
The ORF absolute position (the base range includes START and STOP codons or their equivalents):
The plasmid sequence was published through BCCM/LMBP database which keeps also the plasmid DNA at . However, there is no reference
to original publication nor to author of the vector and the plasmid was NOT sequenced! BCCM mostly
does only restriction analysis to confirm the plasmid DNA.

The sequence of the plasmid stored in IRESite is a reverse-complemented sequence of the BCCM sequence.
In addition we have annotated the T3 transcription start site based on Imburgio et al. (2000) .

A derivative of this plasmid named pIRES-LUC has firefly luciferase (Promega's) instead of lacZ: .
Version: 1 Last change: 2011-04-08 22:22:20
Originaly submitted by: Martin Mokrejš Reviewed by: Martin Mokrejš
The IRES name:
The functional status of IRES:
The IRES absolute position (the range includes START and STOP codons or their equivalents):
How IRES boundaries were determined:
The sequence of IRES region aligned to its secondary structure (if available):

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